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Thursday, October 12, 2017

Happy Thursday everyone! I thought an Instagram roundup would be perfect for today since I haven't blogged much lately. I feel like our lives are constantly on the move and I text my husband today and said I'm not doing anything when I get home except laying on the couch and catching up on TV shows. Is anybody feeling like that recently? Like you're constantly going places or have something planned. I miss those weekends where we didn't have to do anything except lay around the house with the pups. 

Last weekend Shawn and I decided to go explore a town in North Dallas called McKinney. They are known for their little city square and ANTIQUES! I found this antique cubbie at one of the little shops on the square and when I saw it I knew it had to fit in the car and come home with us. Getting it in the car was a hassle but we finally got it home and I'm so happy with the way it looks in our new house. It fills up this entire wall which is what I've been looking for and the chippy paint makes me unusually happy! 

Lamps // Bedspread (Target) // Bed is from Stacey Furniture

My favorite room in our old house was our master bedroom. I believe your master bedroom should have all the sweet and sentimental decor pieces that you love. Every time I walk in this room it immediately makes me feel cozy and so I replicated our old bedroom in our new house! 

Ok so this light has been a topic of conversation between everyone that has come over to see it! Yes it is gorgeous and farmhouse and everything I love except for one thing, it was SOOO hard to hang. Shawn and I actually had to call our builder to come help us hang it because it was so heavy but it turned out amazing. Also, you won't believe that this table is Restoration Hardware but for only $500! We found it at one of their warehouse sales months back and the reason it was so discounted?? It has one scratch on the top. Scratches on furniture to me equals character. 

One secret that has been a secret until this blog post is that I'm obsessed with Rae Dunn and have been collecting it for months! I own every piece of Rae Dunn except that dang Tools (which I will find one of these days). If you aren't familiar with Rae Dunn, just Google it! She's everywhere and in every farmhouse decorators house. I just love the simplicity of each piece and how not every piece is the same. They all have different imperfections that make them adorable. 

I spy a white bulldog, do you?? Haha Ellie loves to go outside wherever the weather allows her too. This week Dallas has had some amazing fall weather and we are loving it. I don't think it's going to last long though. I get a lot of questions from our neighbors about our candy corns in the yard. Shawn's mom actually made these for us!! I know, she's pretty creative and has the most adorable taste. We had them at our old house but I think they look so much better at our new one. 

Ok so I'm a little obsessed with this chair. Last Friday I went to an antique shop that I've been to many times but have never found anything worth buying. Well not this time! This chair was the first thing that caught my eye when I walked into the store and I immediately thought that it's going to cost me an arm and a leg. It surprisingly didn't cost as much as I thought it would and so I loaded it into the Acura and home it went with me! You should've seen my husbands face when I pulled up with it but he instantly fell in love too. 

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