House Update

Friday, August 11, 2017

So to say we are excited about moving into the house is an understatement. Shawn and I have poured our hearts and souls into this house for the last 5 months. We sold our previous house A LOT faster than expected which left us living in an apartment until this house is done in late September. This comes with it's pros and cons. Pros, we will appreciate our new home so much more. Cons, our dogs have to go out on a leash and we feel cramped to say the least. 

I thought I would hop on here to give you all an update on our house. It's starting to really come together. Our cabinets were painted, back splash installed, counters went in, and my beloved laundry room tile floor was put in. 

We chose to go with a messy mortar brick for two reasons. One, I wanted something a little different than your normal "non-messy" brick and two, I loved the look of it! That big window in the front will eventually have wood shutters on either side to give the front of the house some more character and to break up the brick a bit. 

My decorating style is very antique farmhouse so my vision for this house was to design it with both old and new features. I want to be able to bring the old character of a 1900's farmhouse into my brand new 20th century home. I did this by picking out a modern greyish subway tile with a white quartz counter top. I really wanted the marble counter top look without the price tag that comes with it. I plan to characterize the kitchen by adding a really old farmhouse door to replace our white pantry door currently, new lighting (because the lighting that came is not my style), and bistro style counter stools. 

These laundry room floors have always been a dream of mine. I don't know exactly what gave me the inspiration for these floors but as soon as we went to the design center and got on the topic of the laundry room floors I immediately knew exactly what I wanted. When we saw them for the first time this week I was so excited and happy in the way they turned out.

I will update you all again once our house is officially completed and the decorating will begin. I feel like every time I come home I have something for the new house. Poor Shawn! He will thank me once I get everything in the house and installed it will be all worth it :0 That's what I keep telling myself anyway.


Sunday, June 18, 2017


Sorry I'm so late at posting our wedding photos for you. I took a little break from blogging and decided that during this time in Shawn and my lives we want to document as much of it as possible so that we can look back on it with our kids and feel lucky for everything we experienced and did in our life. Shawn and I were beyond blessed to have all of our friends and family join us in celebrating our beautiful wedding. I hope you enjoy all of the pictures. I had over 800 pictures to go through and these were just my favorites. 

xoxo - Ashleigh 

Venue: Hidden Pines Chapel
Photographer: Alba Rose
DJ: Chris Brown
Caterer: Seven Loaves Catering
Flowers: A Rose in Bloom

Our Engagement Pictures

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

I received our engagement pictures this morning and the first thought that came to mind was I had to share them with all of our friends and family! Our photographer Alba Rose Photography did the most amazing job capturing my vision for these pictures. 
Now for the sappy stuff... Hey, at least I warned you! Shawn and our photographer knew how nervous I was to take these photos. You would think being a blogger I would be used to being in front of the camera. I definitely was not ready but throughout the shoot Rosy and Shawn did an amazing job making me feel as comfortable as possible. Looking through these photos has made it sink in that I'm actually marrying this handsome man. I never in my life have been so sure about something! He makes me laugh, deals with my crazy mood swings, and has always been there for me when I have needed him the most. There is nobody on this planet I would rather spend every day with than him. 
I hope you guys enjoy these! Of course, this isn't all of them but I have to save some for our wedding reception! Have a great rest of your week!
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